Pay off your house in 5 years?  Is it really possible?  Kelly and Andy wrote about their journey to pay off their house in a great article on their blog "That One Time When We Paid Off Our House".  How did they do it?  They certainly were not rich nor were they young professionals with six figure incomes.  In fact, she was a stay-at-home Mom with babies during most of it.  They didn’t win the lottery or inherit money.  And they paid it off when she was 30 and he was 31 years old.  According to Kelly, “It’s HARD and there’s lots of sacrifice there, but even setting small goals will give you hope, motivation and space to reach for gradually bigger things.”

This article is full of common sense tips about how they did it, along with plenty of down-to-earth inspiration, but one thing really stood out for me:  They bought less house than the bank told them they could afford.  As Kelly stated, “The bank wanted to loan us more than double what we knew we could comfortably pay. We sat down and made a written budget so we knew exactly what was a reasonable monthly payment for us, and we bought exactly that much house and not a cent more, on a 15-year mortgage so we could pay it off as soon as possible. This is where having a good real estate agent will come in handy! You definitely want someone who respects your budget and wants to abide by it. In other words: someone who has your best interests at heart.”

I think this whole scenario is possible, and I’d love to help you.  I guarantee I’ll be the agent who helps you find a home within your budget and I’ll be cheering you on as you get it paid off!  Or, if you already own your own home, I’d love to hear whether this story inspired you to make changes in your own life and set a goal paying that mortgage off fast.  Do you think it’s possible?  I’d love to hear your comments.