closed on a home in Eagle with a client a couple of weeks ago.  She called me yesterday and said she got a letter that looked like it came from the courthouse telling her they would send her a certified copy of her recorded deed for $82.  She called me to ask if this was something she should have, and I told her I had never heard of such a thing.  I told her to call the title company and see if they would give her a free copy of the deed, and mentioned that I had never heard of anything like this before, and $82 sounded like a HUGE amount for this.  Well, good thing she called the title company - it turns out that this is a complete scam working its way across the nation, and now it has hit Idaho too.  Long story short, the title company was happy to give her a FREE copy of her recorded deed and they were SO happy she called!  So DON'T fall for this - the title company will give you a copy for free, or your real estate agent will be happy to get you a copy for FREE.  Someone out there is looking at all the recordings of new deeds and sending letters to homebuyers and, sadly, people are falling for it and wasting their money.  So don't be a victim and please pass this warning along to anyone you know who is buying a home.



The above information on the Payette real estate market was provided by Barb Hutchinson.  Barb can be reached by email at or by phone at 208-707-4663.  Barb has helped people move in and out of homes in The Treasure Valley in Southwest Idaho for the last 27 years.

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