I hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday season!  Lots of cold weather and rain or snow will be the norm this month, so all but one of the items on our home maintenance To-Do list takes place indoors:

1.  Check your roof along the eaves for icicles and debris blocking proper drainage.  If the water isn’t draining, it can lead to ice dams that force water under your shingles and into your attic.  To see a video showing how to remove ice dams, click here.  And make sure your downspouts are clear and drain away from your foundation.  If ice blocks up the end of the downspout, water can build up around your foundation and lead to moisture in your crawlspace or basement.

2.  Pack up and store your holiday decorations.

3.  Change your water and icemaker filters.

4.  Change the air filter in your furnace to keep it operating at tip-top efficiency.

5.  Check your fire extinguishers and replace or recharge them if necessary.  Also, check your fire and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace the batteries.

6.  Pick one closet each week and clean it out and organize it.  Now is the best time to buy organizational items like totes, closet shelving and the like.  Get rid of everything that you haven’t used in a year – donate it or toss it.

7.  This is a great month to work on your home inventory.  Again, do it a little at a time by choosing one room each week or two, write down everything that’s in it, and take photos or videos.  Keep a copy in a safe place off the premises, in a safe deposit box, or at your office.  Here are some tips and printable checklists to help you do this efficiently.

Have a wonderful January, and stay warm!